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“Thanks for all the help with golf and thanks for being a friend.” Kevin Sutherland, PGA Tour player

“After my first lesson with Kevin today I went out and played 9 holes and shot a 37, the best round of my life. I was hitting it long and straight and striking it good too. Thanks, Kevin!”

Branson R., 12 years old

“I’ve been taking lessons from other golf instructors for over 10 years. I’ve learned more from Kevin in 3 lessons than in all the other lessons combined.”

Ernie G., 40 years old, 18 handicap

“Taking lessons as a couple has been fun and rewarding! You have tought us what to look for in each other’s swing so we help each other on the course. You are a great instuctor, your lessons are fun, and it keeps us coming back!” Jake and Jessica W.

“Kevin has a very clear way of explaining the golf swing. I really like the different training aids he uses to help me understand how the golf swing should feel. I can’t believe I was throwing darts during a golf lesson, but it makes perfect sense now.” Chris P., 42 years old, beginning golfer

“I have been playing golf for over 40 years and in just one lesson Kevin improved my golf swing a hundred percent. The next day I hit the ball straighter than I ever have. Kevin was able to immediately find the single biggest problem in my swing and gave me instruction that not only helped me to understand what needed to change but also gave me the drill necessary to create muscle memory. That’s coaching! Randy Gaschler, handicap 9

“I’ve been playing at least one round every week. I’ve been getting better every week. In the last 3 weeks I’ve been in the low 90′s and just posted an 86 at Wildhawke from the blue tees. It wasn’t that long ago when it was an accomplishment for me to break 100 from the whites at that course!” Mark M.

“Kevin provided very clear analysis of my swing, and through the use of the video technology I could easily see my swing faults. Being able to see & visualize your swing faults is very powerful.” Ric G.

“My 12 year old son, Ethan, is new to golf. He started taking lessons with Kevin last fall. I’m very impressed with Kevin’s teaching style and ability to engage and maintain Ethan’s interest. I highly recommend Kevin!” Therese S.

“I have been working with Kevin since I started golf. Recently he has helped me take my golf game to the next level and I am now winning or finishing near the top of each of my junior tournaments. The key factor of my improved performance is Kevin’s style of teaching which has made me understand my swing. The drills he gives me makes my practice much more effective which in turn has made me a better player. He has also helped me put together goals for myself in golf which I strive to achieve everyday I practice or see Kevin. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, KEVIN!!!” Austen S., 13 years old

“I am a 5.5 index player who has been struggling with my swing for the last 12 months, having risen from a 2.7 index. I finally found Kevin, who’s combination of excellent teaching skills and detailed knowledge of the golf swing have been an enormous help in getting my swing back in shape. The facility where he teaches has all the best equipment which I found invaluable in helping me see and understand, with Kevin’s help, what I was actually doing wrong.” Terry P.

“Kevin has helped me tremendously with my game. His teaching methods are very clear and easy to understand, and with the training aids he uses I am able to feel and be more aware of the changes he wants me to make. But, now I have a new problem. I need to relearn which club to use for a shot because I’ve gained about 5-10 yards per club and 30 yards with my driver. I recently shot a 76 and a 77 at my club- not bad for a 65 year old.” Jim W.